Submission Guidelines

Every program applicant must submit one (1) project that they wish to develop and sell with the support of this program. 


Applicant Profile

·        Your brief resumé. List any relevant awards you/your projects have received.

·        One-page (maximum) description of your goals in attending BANFF, the people you want to meet, and how this will benefit your company or projects.


Project Submission Requirements

·        Genre: scripted/unscripted – live-action/animated etc...

·        Format: Series/Web Series/Feature/Limited Series etc...

·        Length: 1 x 60-minute, returnable half hour series, 25x7 minutes, etc.

·        Budget: Estimated overall budget and per episode budget if applicable

·        Funding: Description of any Third-party development funds (i.e. Broadcaster, CMF, Third-party private funding)

·        Proposed Team: List any potential creative or production team members (i.e. director, writer, executive producer etc...)


Document Checklist

  1. Resume (.pdf or word doc preferred)
  2. Cover Letter / Goals for attending BANFF (.pdf or word doc preferred)
  3. Synopsis / Outline (.pdf or word doc prefered)
  4. Proposal: Submit at minimum one(1) or more of the following for review

·        Project proposal or presentation deck (.pdf)

·        Treatment (.pdf)

·        Script (.pdf)

·        Video Sizzle/reel/trailer/promo (.mp4 and/or weblinks can be included in outline materials)