Submission Guidelines

Every program applicant must submit one (1) project that they wish to develop and sell with the support of this program.

Applicant Profile

·        Your brief professional biography (250 words max)

·        Your brief resumé. List any relevant awards you/your projects have received.

·       Brief description of your goals in attending BANFF, the people you want to meet, and how this will benefit your company or projects.

Project Submission Requirements

·        Genre (e.g. Drama, Comedy, Animation, etc.)

·        Format (e.g. Series, Web Series, Feature, Limited Series, etc.)

·        Length (e.g. 1 x 60-minute, returnable half hour series, 25x7 minutes, etc.)

·        Logline: A one-sentence description of your project.

·        Synopsis: A brief summary of your project (maximum 500 words).

·        Budget: Estimated overall budget or per episode budget.

·        Funding: Description of any third-party development funds (i.e. Broadcaster, CMF, third-party private funding).

·        Team: Any confirmed creative or production team members (e.g. director, writer, executive producer, etc.)

Document Checklist

  1. Resume (.pdf)
  2. Project: Submit at least one (1) of the following for review: 

·        Project proposal or presentation deck (.pdf)

·        Treatment (.pdf)

·        Script (.pdf)

·        Video Sizzle/reel/trailer/promo (.mp4 and/or weblinks can be included in outline materials - file size limit: 500 MB)

!! New !! For Pitch Applicants 

 All pitch applicants are required to upload these additional two documents. 

·        Budget Top Sheet - Telefilm sample (.pdf) 

·        Proof of Partial Funding / Letter of Commitment  (.pdf) 

The Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative has a strong mandate to achieve diverse representation across its program. We celebrate diversity and inclusion with respect and appreciation of differences, including but not limited to: ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, nationality, sexual orientation, age, religion, education, and ability.

Tech Tips

All applicants may save their application and return to edit it at any time up until the deadline. Please use these tech tips to avoid encountering any saving errors:

1) Make sure you are on the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

2) Fill out *all required fields* (text boxes and drop-down menus) in some capacity in order to save your progress. You can simply write “hold text” in text boxes and/or choose placeholder selections from the drop-down menus until you are ready to enter your answers.

3) The application form does not autosave. Please ensure you click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page before navigating away from your application form.

4) If you would like to work on your application offline, you may download the application form as a Word document here. Some applicants like to prep answers in advance and then copy and paste them into the application portal online when they are ready to submit.**

**Please note: The Word document is not a substitute for submitting your application through the online portal. Only applications received through the portal will be considered. 

5) Once you have saved your application form, you will be able to upload your attachments. When on the file upload page, select the 'File Type' from the drop-down menu and enter a 'Description' in the text box, then click 'Upload.' A file picker pop-up will then open and allow you to attach documents. Make sure you are using a Google Chrome browser and allowing pop-ups from the Diversity of Voices website or the file picker menu may not appear.

Key Dates

Application portal opens:  December 7, 2023

Application portal closes: January 9, 2024

Participant announcement: February 2024

Banff World Media Festival: June 9 -12, 2024

Accessibility & Accommodation

The Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative is committed to the pillars of inclusion and accessibility, and will provide reasonable accommodation during the application process upon request. Please reach out to our team at to request accommodation during the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the application portal close?

You must submit your application by January 9, 2024 3:00pm ET on the deadline date.

Can I apply for both the Pitch program and the Professional Development Program? 

Yes! We welcome and encourage all applicants to apply for both or one. Whichever you prefer. In order to qualify as a participant in the Pitch Program, applicants are required to submit a preliminary topsheet budget and have partial funding in place or letter of commitment.

Can I use a different template for the budget topsheet?

Yes, you may use another template for creating the budget topsheet. The one provided is a guide

I don’t see a “Submit” button. How do I submit my application?

Our application portal allows you to edit your application as much as you would like right up until the application deadline. As such, there is no formal “Submit” button on the Entry Form. As long as your application has been successfully saved, it will be automatically submitted on the deadline.

I'm having technical issues with uploading my supporting documents and now the portal is closed. Who can I contact to make sure my application is successfully submitted?

Please remember to complete all fields and start uploading the required documents well in advance of the deadline, as the site may experience higher than normal traffic which could impact loading times. If your application form was saved but fields or attachments did not update correctly prior to the deadline, please email You may not receive an immediate response, but our technical support team will reach out to help you within 2 business days. 

Can I save my application and come back to it later?

Yes! You can continue to work on all components of your application right up until the deadline. Remember to click “Save” on the Entry Form each time you make a change that you would like to keep. Please note that the interface requires you to have *all required fields* (text boxes and drop-down menus) filled out in some capacity in order to save your progress. You can simply write “hold text” in text boxes and/or choose placeholder selections from the drop-down menus until you are ready to enter your answers. 

DISCLAIMER: We recommend that you start your application well in advance of the deadline as no exceptions will be granted to late applications on the basis of technical difficulties. 

My collaborator and I both qualify for the program. Can we apply together?

This opportunity is for individual professional development. Eligible candidates may apply separately with the same project and submissions will receive equal consideration. Please note that applicants will be assessed according to the components of their project as well as their individual professional backgrounds.

Can I apply in French?

Yes! A key mandate of this program is to support francophone creatives and producers. If you would like to submit your application form and/or project materials in French, you are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Can I apply if I’m a temporary resident on a work permit/visa?

Diversity of Voices is open only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

I’m a past Diversity of Voices participant. May I apply to take part in the program again?

Yes! We welcome and encourage past participants to apply for the program again.

I'm interested in applying for other fellowship programs offered by the Banff World Media Festival. Can I take part in more than one program?

We welcome and encourage interested candidates to apply to BANFF’s array of professional development and market access programs.